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I was doing some light reading via Slashdot on why guis suck revisited. Reading the endless debate about graphical interfaces versus command line is like a political debate. Authors often frame the article to one spectrum end or another to entice response.

The myriad of examples back up a specific view point I’m going to say something totally uncontroversial: “real programmers use the right tool for the job”. This post title itself being a reference to xkcd “Real Programmers”.

Yes we all know plenty of examples where a well placed sed saved the day. We also know when popping open an application and clicking a few buttons is much easier than writing individual commands.

Really, how many people do you know who use mail or mutt as a command line interface to their mail? How many people browse the internet using links? My approach to any problem is to find the right tool to accomplish the task. Sometimes this means going straight to the command line, other times it means interacting with a program via a graphical interface.

Real programmers have an arsenal of tools to get the job done and can identify the best way out of a problem.

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If there was any one thing that drove me nuts about Request Tracker (3.8.4), it was the date picker.

It’s 2011 and it still uses a new pop-up window to display a calendar for choosing dates.

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From my recent problem with a wireless phone compnay I found humor in the BBB complaints page.

I guess they have a lot of problems with vehicles (expected), “cell phone or wireless carrier” (unexpected), and then ‘everything else’.

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