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Sending html e-mails opens a whole can of worms on the many ways e-mail can be viewed. There is also no guarantee your e-mail will look as intended.

Instead of linking to a remote css file that may be blocked, or prompt the user with a scary ‘prevented external content to load’ error message, we can use PHP to pull the file directly. This adheres to the DRY principle and keeps the code base clean.

Use the file_get_contents function in place of linking a style sheet via an html style element.

I would also recommend a try/catch block in case the file_get_contents command fails.


In head section:

<style type="text/css" media="screen">
	<!-- we do this to embed the file contents into the e-mail.
	<?php echo file_get_contents("../common/css/blueprint/screen.css"); ?>

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Blueprint CSS is total win

Having not played around with CSS frameworks before I found this one very appealing.

Really, it accomplishes something I used to spend an inordinate time doing: creating a simple set of CSS rules that bring all browsers to a common level playing field.

My favorite aspect is the concept of 24 columns easily split into classes span-x where x is a number of columns.

Check out blueprintcss.com for more information.

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