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See my official feature request.

When executing processes that have the potential to use a large amount of memory 4D recommends “allocating enough stack size to the process” to be sufficient to do the job.

Well how would we know that?

I propose adding two additional return variables to PROCESS PROPERTIES. Stack Size and Stack Utilized.

This would allow me to get a point in time measurement of what I allocated to the process and how much the process is currently using of that allocated stack.

>Product :4D – 4D Server
>4D : v11 SQL r8
>OS : Mac OS 10.5.7 or Windows

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I was troubleshooting some long executing code when I discovered the difference between Execute on server command and it’s sibling checkbox in the method properties.

What you need to know:

Use checkbox if you care about the results of the executed code, you want the server to handle the processing and don’t care that the client waits for the response.

Use command to detach the wait from the client and process the code asynchronously.

I won’t go into much detail as it is well documented, but if you do some deep reading.

Tim Penner on “Command vs. Property”

One important difference is that the Execute on Server command always creates a new process, whether it is called in Client/Server mode or in single-user mode; the Execute on Server command still creates a new process.

In contrast the Execute on Server method attribute will not create a new process on the server, but will instead use a “twin” process of the client process that requested the execution. In Single-user mode, this method property has no affect and the method runs in the same process that requested its execution.

More Information
Execute on Server attribute:
Execute on Server command:
Stored Procedures:

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