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Final Update:

I’ve made a feature request to 4D

Original Post:

While programming in 4D I discovered that 1/0 does not throw an error, and that it could be stored into a record as INF when the data type is REAL. Please someone tell me they find this as unreasonable as I do.

UPDATE: Depending on the declared type of the variable 4D stores two different results

[Table]Field_Real:=1/0 ` results is INF
` totally unrelated but just as bizarre
[Table]Field_Integer:=1/0 ` results is 2147483647

Why is this bad? Well for one php, ruby, python, perl, java, c++, javascript, calculators, all throw errors when dividing by zero so why doesn’t 4D?

Also, how do you do a SQL call on INF? How you query on INF? Why can you store an infinite number in a REAL datatype? Why does 4D return a different result for the same operation depending on data type?

  ` declare some variables
  ` $inf = 0
  ` $inf=1
  ` $inf=INF ($inf#"INF" comparison error)
  ` $inf still equal INF
  ` $tmp="INF"
If ($tmp="INF")
End if 

[People]Name:="Joe Bob" ` data type alpha
[People]Hourly_Rate:=$inf ` data type REAL
  ` [People]Hourly_Rate=INF (even the field object shows "INF" on a form)

I called 4D, they didn’t know if I could file a bug because it wasn’t clear if it’s a feature or an undocumented part of the system.


4D says INF is really the representation of a “really large” number. Thus it is a feature, and is up to the developer to make sure not to divide by zero.

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