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Trying to diagnose a connection rejection problem by using the trace odbc call functionality in windows.

What they kb article doesn’t mention is that you have to restart the IIS Admin service to get it to start writing to the log file. Or restart the box. Also, make sure you have permissions to write to the target directory, and that the appropriate user is targeted that is connecting via ODBC.

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As part of the 4Dv11 upgrade timestamps were supposed to be included.

However once again 4D shows no developer sense in this feature:

When pull[ing] data from a 4D data source over ODBC … be aware that when accessed via ODBC or SQL, the DATE field is treated as a SQL Timestamp field.

Really? So what should I do with my existing ODBC web code? Oh no problem, just change your SQL statement to include DATE_TO_CHAR(my_field, "MM/DD/YY") commands. Or write a function that strips the time away from the data field.

Want to use that stored timestamp value in 4D? Forget it. No variable type of C_TIMESTAMP is available. Once again the features of the SQL engine cause developers headache on the pure 4D side.

Maybe someday in the future 4D engineering will get the features in both engines synchronized and making sense.

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