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I would love it if 4D could mimic the dynamic layer system that Adobe uses.

4D Views

4D v11 has a limit of 9 ‘views’ per form. Views are great for swapping out elements in the same area and making it easier to target a collection of related objects.

4d view stack

With more complex forms, I’ve wanted more views than the maximum number allowed. I could use the pages feature of forms, but then I’d have to manage the current page programmatically. Besides views/layers are a design concept and pages are more to control data display.

The following are examples from Flash and InDesign. There are no conceivable limits to the number of layers in the Adobe suite. A small preview pane would be nice too, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Adobe Layers

flash layers

I’m a big fan of the color knock-outs that make it really easy to find that layer’s objects in the project.

adobe layers

4D forum feature request

Requires login, official feature request.
Adding views of our own.
Object has ‘layer’ property.

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4Dv12 has a magnifying glass and preset zoom levels (50, 100, 200, 400, 800) to aid in designing forms. However, more fine tuned controls would aid in the design of complex and large forms.

zoom icons

Just a whimsical wish that I could zoom to something other than the presets. Even the magnifying glass doesn’t custom zoom, only zooms to the next or previous (with shift key) ‘level’ on the scale.

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Just a small wish that 4D compiler would detect and warn on possible losses of precision.

Right now 4D just truncates the decimal value without a peep.

SQL Engine

Begin SQL
	UPDATE Table 
	SET FieldInteger =CAST(1.4 as INT)
	WHERE id=29168

Native 4D code

// assume loadable record

Link to official 4D feature request (login required).

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4D Linux ODBC Driver

Yea, there are OTHER operating systems out there other than Windows Server and Mac OS Server.

Just thought you should know 4D. Any version support (v11 or v12) would be great.

My official 4D feature request.

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See my official feature request.

When executing processes that have the potential to use a large amount of memory 4D recommends “allocating enough stack size to the process” to be sufficient to do the job.

Well how would we know that?

I propose adding two additional return variables to PROCESS PROPERTIES. Stack Size and Stack Utilized.

This would allow me to get a point in time measurement of what I allocated to the process and how much the process is currently using of that allocated stack.

>Product :4D – 4D Server
>4D : v11 SQL r8
>OS : Mac OS 10.5.7 or Windows

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Working on a procedure that dynamically slows or speeds itself up based on demand.

I had wrongly assumed that Delay Process would take a negative number and either throw an error or no longer delay the process.

Solution: check for negative numbers and pass a positive number into the Delay Process command.

` 4D Server v11.8 HF2
` Running on xserve 10.5.6

` our standard is to to wait 1 second

` but in this last cycle we took 2 seconds to execute so we don't want to
` pause just go into the next cycle

While (True)
  ` just go with the concept of a loop here
  ` I would think that this would wait a maximum of 60 ticks down to none at all
  ` but when asked to delay a negative number no error is thrown, the process
  ` just becomes permanently "Delayed"
  Delay Process(Current Process;$vl_ticks_to_wait-$vl_ticks_elapsed)
End While

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>Product :4D – 4D Server
>4D : v12
>Theme : 4D Environment

Would be nice to programatically be able to call:

Count SQL users

in addition to

Count users

to get the total number of concurrent users on the system.

Useful for load analysis and testing.

Go vote on the feature here:


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