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The last two weeks have been focused on learning ruby to write a rake task that would migrate data from Perl based Request Tracker(TM) to a RoR based Redmine issue tracking system.

I’m happy to report (and sad I didn’t post incremental updates on my experiences with ruby) that I have released a beta rake task that goes 90% of the way.


Needless to say there are countless ways this could be improved and cleaned up. I hope that others find it useful, and I am happy to have ‘contributed’ back to the community for once.

My summary of RoR is its nice to be working in a class based, object based MVC architecture. Don’t know if 4D will ever get there.

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Something new we’ve been using at the workplace is the project management/issue tracking system Redmine.

This isn’t so much a review as it is a go check it out, it’s cool.

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