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Knowledge base ui tweaks

4D Knowledge base suffers from some UI problems that constantly irritate me. Warning, while these do appear on Firefox also, I’m a predominate Safari user.

    KB problems

  1. The box that displays the rows and rows of tech tips is statically set. You read that right, you cannot make it bigger, or full screen. It gloriously takes up a puny 800×600 pixels
  2. Clicking on assets launches them in tabs of aforementioned tiny resolution kb panel. While not that bad for smaller notes, it tries to open linked PDFs in there too. Way too small for that.
  3. Header sort and expand column are too finicky/hard to control. Often I want to expand the “Summary” section so I can read the entire title. Not only is it hard to expand without resorting, thus losing the asset I had selected from my field of view; expanding does not make the pane window bigger
  4. No advanced searching, filters does not equal advanced searching
  5. No searching by asset id or asset author
  6. If we are to have filters, how about by 4D summit materials

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